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Amador Stage Lines prides itself with its’ premier maintenance facilities.

In both our Sacramento and Reno facility we have equal quality facilities to allow for superior maintenance that insures that your coach has been properly safety checked prior to your usage. Some of the tools that are at our disposal unlike many in our industry would be our own trained staff. We do all of our maintenance with our own staff which allows us to control and maintain our high standards. Amador also bares no expense when it comes to maintenance. We provide the needed tools to allow our maintenance personnel to provide the best service possible.

It all starts with the facility. Both Sacramento and Reno have modern maintenance areas. Each has approximately 10,000 sq. feet of floor space which allows for up to 7 coaches to be serviced inside with all the bay doors closed. Why is that important? Visualize a mechanic adjusting the brakes inside, in a warm friendly environment vs. outside in the rain and cold not sheltered from the elements. Which job do you think will be more thorough?

Inside both Amador facilities we have provided our maintenance staffs with full length service pits which allows for them to fully stand up under the bus. Again would you want your service provider to be crawling under the coach that has very little clearance or the Amador way with the skilled mechanic standing with a full view of the coach?

Both facilities have hydraulic hoists which enable the service crew to lift our coaches off the ground to any desired height. This again eases maintenance for steering and suspension inspections, tire inspection and removal.

Wheel bearing failure which are a high cause of bus fires are easily inspected on a hoist. Both facilities also have automatic bus washes to keep our equipment clean and attractive. A motorcoach that is cleaned regularly is less apt to suffer from corrosion related problems later in its life cycle. A company that cares enough about investing in clean coaches will not likely cut back on much needed maintenance.


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My heartfelt thanks to you once again for making it possible for me to give the kids at the receiving home a fun filled day. This was my 30th year and you have been a part of it for most of those years. I was actually young when I started this! I can’t tell you how many kids have said to me over the years things like “this is the best Easter I’ve ever had, or this has been the best and exciting day ever.” So once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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