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Amador Stage Lines is committed to our passengers’ safety. Our fleet boasts state of the art safety features. One of the many ways Amador insures saftey of our passengers is the use of The SmartDrive Distracted Driving System.

The SmartDrive Distracted Driving Index (SDDI) provides fleet safety professionals ith an ongoing measurement of causes and trends in distracted driving behaviors to help them put safer drivers on the road. The SDDI data is derived from the SmartDrive Safety program, which uses in-vehicle recorders to capture video, audio and vehicle data during sudden stops, swerves, collisions and other events.

Event data is categorized and scored by safety experts according to 50+ safety observations. Through detailed video analysis, SmartDrive is able to quantify distractions such as cell phone usage, text messaging, use of maps or navigation, eating/drinking/smoking, and other actions.

The SmartDrive

The SmartDrive Distracted Driving Index is compiled to help understand the causes and trends in commercial driving distraction. It’s based on the world’s largest and fastest-growing database of captured distracted driving behaviors – more than 33 million. SmartDrive analyzes this storehouse of information to help fleets reduce distracted driving incidents, improve safety and efficiency, and save lives.

Something else that Amador offers is exclusive to Prevost coaches. Is the Electronic Stability Program. It electronically assists the coach with Rollover & Over/Understeer protection.

How Does it Work?

Sliding Scenario

  • Vehicle speed around a curve exceeds the ability of the tires to maintain vehicle orientation, causing the vehicle to slide to slide and begin to oversteer.
  • The system sense the driver’s intended path and compares it to what’s actually happening. In an attempt to correct the vehicle orientation, it will quickely applies braking pressure to only the appropriate wheels.

Rollover Scenario

  • A vehicle enters a curve too fast on high friction pavement, causing high lateral (side) forces to affect the vehicle’s center of gravity.
  • The system appelies pressure to all vehicle brakes and engine throttle to quickly reduce vehicle speed and therefore lessen the likihood of a rollover.

Click here to read more about about some of the safety features of some of our coaches included in our fleet. Contact us here for a free quote on Sacramento Charter Bus Rental or Reno bus Trips

My heartfelt thanks to you once again for making it possible for me to give the kids at the receiving home a fun filled day. This was my 30th year and you have been a part of it for most of those years. I was actually young when I started this! I can’t tell you how many kids have said to me over the years things like “this is the best Easter I’ve ever had, or this has been the best and exciting day ever.” So once again, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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